Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Chiropractic Work: Neck Traction

Following up on my previous post about the chiropractic work being done on my neck. In the last post I mentioned how I purchased a years worth of chiropractic sessions.

A few months ago my chiropracter said my upper spine/neck needed additional support outside of the sessions; not just stretching the spine manually, but mechanically too. The spine in my neck is too compressed (including my jaw) and they don't know why. He said I needed to buy a cervical neck traction device. Reminding you I've had severe neck problems since a teenager.

I ended up buying the inflatable device (very effective and only 17 bucks) rather than the "craddle-sling" you see most people use. I also bought a professional back massager device as well.

Anyways, the point of traction is to pull the head up and away from the neck, stretching the muscles and ligaments around the vertebrae of the spine and expanding the space between the vertebrae. This gives the muscles the opportunity to relax and for pinched nerves to release further.

At first I thought, "This is like a neck pillow you buy for traveling. How is it different? And will it even make that big of a difference?"

I can't even begin to explain how much it has helped me! It's completely resolved my jaw compression on the right side and I no longer experience spasms at rest or accidentally biting my tongue. I also breath better when I sleep because my neck and shoulder muscles are completely relaxed.

After I had my gallbladder surgery I didn't use it for a couple weeks and I immediately started to feel my neck muscles starting to pinch and pull deep down.

Nothing makes you realize how much pressure gravity puts on your body than after experiencing chiropractic work. I keep thinking, "How have I survived without this?"

The only other time I felt this much relief was when I had 10 botox injections in my cervical muscles when 14 years old to release a severely pinched nerve that they weren't sure was cervical dystonia due to similar symptoms.

I know chiropractic work isn't for everyone, but I just needed to keep up-to-date with what has been helping me. This in return has helped me with my playing as well!!! I feel way less restricted due to my jaw moving more freely. 📯🎶

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