Saturday, August 27, 2016

Phil Smith Speaks About Focal Embouchure Dystonia

I've noticed lately a lot of people find my blog by searching for information about whether or not Phil Smith has dystonia. I know this because my blogger stats tell me keywords that people type in search engines that lead them to my blog. I found myself curious whether he has FTSED or not, but was hoping that he didn't.

As many of you know, my twin sister is a trumpet player. I can still remember in 4th grade she had a old cassette recording of Phil Smith that came with a book of duets that she could play along with to the recording. Around 2006(???) our trumpet friend Andrew Grushkin was studying at NEC at the time with Tom Rolfs and mentioned he would see Phil at a masterclass. So Ally (my sister) sent him the duet music that she started learning trumpet on...she wanted to get his autograph. Well apparently the photo on the front cover was dated because Phil said, "Wow. I haven't seen that in a while." He's always been her trumpet god, along with Maurice Murphy who sadly passed away not too long ago. I myself saw Phil give a masterclass in 2010 during my last year of undergraduate studies at the University of Northern Iowa. Anywhoo, my point of all of this is that he's made such a huge impact on a lot of people, and he has tremendous faith too (I know that it gives him strength, as it has to me during my first stages of dealing with it), and it's hard to see someone this magnificent and miraculous facing this disorder.

A couple weeks ago my brother-in-law (my twin sister's husband...also a trumpet player!) sent me this Phil Smith masterclass youtube video (was recorded at the University of Columbia):

He said that Phil Smith speaks a little bit about his recent embouchure dystonia diagnosis. If you watch at 14:43, and also at the end of the video. It was very moving watching him speak about it. I'm glad that he's working on rehabilitating with Jan Kagarice, because she really is the best of the best. Hoping for him to be able to overcome it and wishing him all the best. This great man deserves so much praise and support for the work he's done.

Monthly Research Article: A Video Guide to Diagnosis and Evaluation of Embouchure Dystonia by Dr. Frucht

Sorry I haven't had time to post recently! I've been busy with summer camp ending and starting another school year. I will post more soon. Here's this months article! Check it out....