Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Facebook Group and Forum for Musicians with Dystonia

Hi everyone! Just wanted to chime in and share 2 new groups/forums I created for musicians with dystonia on facebook! ....

  • Musicians with Focal Dystonia & Neurologist Sharing Knowledge and Resources
      ......This group is for Musicians with FD and Neurologists. The group is focused on scientific-based knowledge, resources, case-studies, and to share personal trial/error done through scientific method of documentation and observation. This is not an emotional group or a place to advertise; no tolerating emotional lashing out or soliciting of cures (or the source of FD) without proper documentation, publication, and that it can be successfully applied to all.

  • Musicians with Focal Dystonia Emotional Support Group
    ........This group is for Musicians with FD, and focuses on leaning on each other and connecting with others who share the same struggle of coping with this disorder. Here we share our progress, relapses, and personal journey.

    Hoping that these groups will provide additional support, connections, and resources! :-)

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