Monday, March 28, 2016

Ice Packing VS Heat Packing

Every now and then I come across musicians who either swear by ice packing or heat packing (or both, like I do!)......or the opposite...they absolutely refuse to do it when injured, mainly due to misusing one or the other because they were not trained on how to properly ice pack and heat pack, or they heard from a professional musician who misused it...yes, even professionals make mistakes (because not a lot of musicians are trained in how to physically take care of injuries). Therefore, I wanted to share this medical post from the University of Rochester Medical Center over the benefits of ice packing and heat packing and when to use either. 

I feel it is vital to ice pack and heat pack if you have a new or old injury to your embouchure. This post shows not only how to ice pack and heat pack, but when to use it, how long, and what exactly happens to your tissue. I hope this helps many musicians who are newly injured or who have a old injury but still experiencing pain, to heal a bit! Or at least prevent further damage. :-)