Friday, September 19, 2014

Jerald Harscher: The Poised Guitarist

I wanted to share Jerald Harscher's fantastic website on my blog. I had always been meaning to and now just got around to it! You can find his website at: The Poised Guitarist. He is a wonderful person to chat with and very kind, so please contact him if want to know more!

Jerald is a guitarist who has helped many (MANY) musician's with hand-related injuries and Focal Task-Specific Hand Dystonia. He can help you lessen tension in your playing and guide you throughout recovery. He knows a great deal about body mapping which I believe is essential to a musician overcoming any type of injury, and for prevention in general.

If you are looking for information, resources, help, and knowledge on anything hand-related within music, please contact him! He is a great resource. Check out his forthcoming book, videos and information. It is even helpful for brass players to read his writings over the hand/arm movement. Sometimes we use a heavy amount of tension in our grip on our instrument which can sometimes transfer and/or add extra pressure on our embouchure via the arm force.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quantification of Instability of Tone Production in Embouchure Dystonia

Quantification of Instability of Tone Production in Embouchure Dystonia Link
I finally have a quick moment to update my blog. Right now I just wanted to share another article I came across! A really great read which discusses how hand dystonia can be objectively assessed, yet it is extremely difficult to do with embouchure dystonia. This research shows a possible way of measuring embouchure dystonia through the frequency of a note being played.