Friday, September 19, 2014

Jerald Harscher: The Poised Guitarist

I wanted to share Jerald Harscher's fantastic website on my blog. I had always been meaning to and now just got around to it! You can find his website at: The Poised Guitarist. He is a wonderful person to chat with and very kind, so please contact him if want to know more!

Jerald is a guitarist who has helped many (MANY) musician's with hand-related injuries and Focal Task-Specific Hand Dystonia. He can help you lessen tension in your playing and guide you throughout recovery. He knows a great deal about body mapping which I believe is essential to a musician overcoming any type of injury, and for prevention in general.

If you are looking for information, resources, help, and knowledge on anything hand-related within music, please contact him! He is a great resource. Check out his forthcoming book, videos and information. It is even helpful for brass players to read his writings over the hand/arm movement. Sometimes we use a heavy amount of tension in our grip on our instrument which can sometimes transfer and/or add extra pressure on our embouchure via the arm force.

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