Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dental Hygiene

When your dental hygiene care is almost obsessive. A water flosser, dental kit, electric toothbrush, and tongue forcep. The only two things missing in the photo is castor oil for oil-pulling, and a mouth guard.

I was never this attentive when younger as I thought I was doing enough already because I rarely had any dental issues in my life.

After I was diagnosed with Embouchure Dystonia I started to care a lot more about everything concerning my face, mouth, upper body, and health in general just out of pure frustration....not that it would change anything regarding my dystonia.

I started going the extra mile. I figured it could only help me in the long-run with overall health, and prevent any other possible future issues.

After studying all the things that could damage your teeth, glands, mouth, and wonder I am a bit paranoid. Haha! :-)

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