Saturday, January 26, 2019

Participation in Another Research Study - University of York - England

Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of participating in an interview with Anna Detari as part of her ongoing Ph.D research on Musician's Focal Dystonia. It was an honor to finally meet her. Once again, I am ecstatic to participate in any research being conducted and so glad she contacted me.

It is a blessing meeting someone who shares the same passion for helping others. It was relieving sharing my history of playing. We both developed embouchure dystonia around the same time. It's actually been years since I fully discussed my past with anyone...meaning all the possible details before onset, during, and after, so it was quite relieving looking into the past.

Thank you Anna for your passion, experience, and efforts put forth in conducting further research on the disorder at the University of York in England! You are doing amazing work.

I've posted Anna's website on the side bar under the Musician's With Dystonia section, so please check that out and contact her if you have musician's dystonia and would be interested in participating in any future or current research. You can also read more about her if you click on her name above.

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