Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wilktone Embouchure Blog

I wanted to share this great review on the Wilktone Blog over Dr. Peter Iltis's video lecture on Embouchure Dystonia; Dr. Iltis is a professor of Kinesiology, and a horn player with Embouchure Dystonia (I also have one of his own articles over FTSED on the side of my page). You will probably recognize the video from youtube if you've ever searched "embouchure dystonia" on youtube. You can watch the video at the link below, and read Dave's comments on the video. He makes a lot of great points!

Embouchure Dystonia: Mind Over Matter?

I will also put a link below to Wilktone - one of my favorite sites I may add. You can find a ton of great blogs over embouchure function, and videos too. I highly recommend his site.

Dr. David Wilken's Website & Blog: Wilktone

From his About Section: While a graduate student Dr. Wilken developed an interest in how brass embouchure's function after lesson's with trombonist Doug Elliot. His dissertation topic explored the physical characteristics that can make different players’ embouchures function correctly in very different ways.  He continues to study brass embouchures in detail and is devoted to making this under-recognized topic more accessible to teachers and brass musicians.

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