Sunday, January 10, 2021

Ice Pack Roller and Rose Quartz Roller

For those who have embouchure or cervical dystonia and find ice/heat packing helpful; I wanted to mention that I recently bought my first ice-pack roller!!

I find it much better than the standard ice pack! It helps when I have been playing a lot, as I notice when I really get back into heavy playing, my muscles both overly-tense/contract and sometimes swell around the massetter in particular; especially on days where the FD is flared up more than normal. It helps to use the roller around my jaw joint since that tends to bulk up the quickest over time. I noticed an immediate difference and it feels great.

Also the rose quartz roller (which I never thought of using before) is great for massaging sore muscles, and it has both a large and small roller attached. I still do fascia release/myofascial stretches in combination, because I think both internal and external approaches work best for me. 💕 

Ohh! I also take collagen peptide supplement pills and my joint (especially wrists and ankle) has improved drastically. But it takes about 6 weeks of taking it 2-3x a day to see a physical difference - even in appearance/skin since it's originally used for that.

Usually around this time of year with weather changes bones/joints start to hurt. It’s nice to not rely on Tylenol or Aleve rarely if ever. A bit eye-opening I have to say when you’re use to being in pain! 😊

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