Sunday, January 10, 2021

Horn Snippet: Merry Christmas Horn Solo (Brass Quintet)

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A huge thanks to Hayley for recording this (Merry Christmas)!!! Had to crop everyone out, so apologize for the weird angle or closeups. It’s a great representation of my current level of playing abilities despite being plagued with Focal Embouchure Dystonia. 

Anywhoo! It’s taken years to get back to a place of sounding somewhat decent enough to feel comfortable playing within a group again.... or even to play performances again. That’s been the greatest blessing, as I know it could be a lot worse. I first started experiencing onset symptoms of Musicians Dystonia 13 years ago.

Still there are really bad days, but the good days out number relapse symptoms days, and things seem to get better every year. I am really happy and humbled that my body/embouchure has allowed me to retrain ....and to be able to hear my sound come out the bell and ring in a hall again. 

It’s nothing short of miraculous to beat the odds to even a slight degree when it comes to this disability. I thank God so much for hearing my prayers. There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the years....literally. There still is a hole in my heart for missing out on my dream. But I try to not focus on that and look at the positive.

I’m so thankful to play in this brass quintet with my twin sister (trumpet), my brother-in-law (trumpet/picc), and Dan and Bruce (low brass power). You guys are the best! I wouldn't feel comfortable playing among anyone else....and so happy to be playing along with your recognizable voices/instruments. Means so much!!! 🥰💕📯💕📯💕📯💕📯💕📯

- Katie A. Berglof

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