Tuesday, April 30, 2019

We Are Not Machines...

Also a reminder that as musicians we are not machines either. Don't let anyone make you feel like you should force perfection, or care more about absolute perfection than the overarching goal of making music and creating beautiful music.

It is largely an unconsciously controlled act (especially movement)...so don't interfere or let others interfere with what doesn't need fixed or focused on.

The act of playing is context-dependent and our actions are guided by audiation, and the environment acts as a constraint to guide movement and learning, so that is really where the focus should be....on the blueprint sound/direction in our head...knowing exactly what it is we want to convey (in an overarching picture type of way).

It is really dangerous when interfered with under the wrong situation or person, so trust your intuition and gut feeling if you feel certain things (i.e. way of doing things, way of thinking, to much focus or imbalance on mechanics or technique) or someone (even a highly respected teacher) is only making things worse in the long-run for you.

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