Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wilktone: Guess The Embouchure Type - Denver Dill

Link: Wilketone Blog: Guess The Embouchure Type - Denver Dill

I had to share this great blog post, the one I posted above! As I've said it many times before, I'll say it again...I love wilktone's blog. He has some spectacular videos over embouchure function; that show other people's embouchure types, and about embouchure dysfunction as well...it amazes me! I love it and think it's very important to know about and study embouchure form and function. He just posted a blog over a video of Denver Dill's embouchure. There should be a couple links on my sidebar about Denver Dill - he has written a book over his recovery from surgery done on a torn obicularis oris. Wilktone's blog shows a video of what Denver Dill's old embouchure setting use to be compared to the one he plays on now. It is very inspiring to see someone who has gone from injured to surgery then to fully recovered and then some! He sounds absolutely amazing!


  1. Thanks for the plug! Just to be clear, Denver was the one who put together the video and I had nothing to do with it (beyond just sparking his interest to put one together, I think).

    It is interesting to see his playing post surgery. I would have liked to have seen a video taken prior to his surgery just to get a more accurate comparison.

    He's obviously made a solid recovery. He sure sounds great!


  2. You're welcome! He sure does...it's very inspiring!