Friday, June 22, 2012

(Video) June 21st, 2012 Practice Session

I'm starting to record my practice sessions now on camera when I can get into the university practice rooms. I promised myself I'd record more often. It took 1.5-2 hours of prep-work (breathing, buzzing, stretching, free-buzzing exercises, etc.) to feel ready to start working on my horn playing. So as soon as I felt ready to record my horn playing, I hit record and started to show exercises I do to work on a particular group of notes or range. There are a lot of different basic exercises that I apply to what I am focusing on at the moment (I'm going to record these too soon just to explain more)....Today was great! My embouchure felt really good! I'll also post this under my practice journals link on the side bar.

One last thing, a disclaimer: This is not recorded as a means to prove a rehabilitation method, I believe not one singular method works for everyone since it is a very personalized process and everyone's embouchure function is complex and unique in it's own individual way. This is recorded as a means to document the process I'm going through; the relapses, progress, and anything else that happens as I go through rehabilitation.

If you would like to view a video where I show my FTSED symptoms, you can access it via the side bar or by clicking on the link here...that video post is labled: Taking an Inventory of My Symptoms. I show what my symptoms are like when I haven't done any prep-work. Whereas in this current blogpost/practice session, I have done my prep-work...

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