Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Musicians' Health Collective: Chelsea Shanoff on Brain Tumor Diagnosis, Healing, and Reflection (Part 2)

Part 2...I love Musicians Health Collective. I'm a huge fanatic. <3 What a great interview with saxophonist Chelsea Shanoff, and what bravery for her to speak about her surgery and loss of hearing afterwards. Completely support her and hope her recovery goes smoothly. I'm so glad she also addressed the need to be open:

"Recently there has been more awareness surrounding musicians’ hearing health and the shocking number of musicians who have some kind of hearing loss, whether from the hazards of being a musician or from something unrelated, like illness. (Side-note: Did you know saxophonist Chris Potter has SSD from a condition called Meniere’s Disease?)

I think it is great to talk about musicians’ health in a broad sense, but until we actually are able to talk honestly about the specifics of our own struggles, we still have a ways to go in educating others. Recovery from any kind of brain injury or surgery will look different for everyone, but in the case of my condition it involves the brain adapting and habituating to the loss of the balance and hearing nerve on one side."

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