Thursday, March 26, 2015

Katie Berglof: My Neuromuscular Dentistry Results

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Since writing my last blog post, I recently underwent Neuromuscular Dentistry tests within the last two months on my jaw, muscles, and nerves. With as much pain as I'm in, I'm not surprised they found that my joint was messed up. Apparently my right side jaw joint is severely compressed, it should be positioned down and forward from where it currently rests, my spine is not curved in the back of my neck like it should be, my masseter muscle is not activating, and my bite is too deep and misaligned.  The right side of my face is in more excruciating pain than my left, and I have to massage and pop the joint back in place with my hand whenever I'm practicing instruments; horn, clarinet, flute, sax, etc.

My doctor has prescribed that I do not resort to undergoing surgery, and instead have a professional neuromuscular orthotic (dental splint) to realign my jaw first and position it back to where it should be. They would track my improvement using CMS (Jaw Tracking), and use Sonography, Electromyography, TENS, diagnostic casts, and diagnostic photographs; all as part of my treatment, testing, and tracking of progress.

They are confident this will help me tremendously because they had me undergo a TENS test and wear a splint  during one of my four hour visits and retested the readings on my bite, jaw movement, and strength, and it showed drastic improvement in my clench and motion. My face even felt relieved for almost a week after that.  I also believe this is the source of my problems, as most of my pain is coming from my joint area. I also wanted to share this research study over FTSED (Embouchure Dystonia) and dental splints: Three cases of Focal Embouchure Dystonia: Classifications and Successful Therapy using a Dental Splint.

I'm planning on using insurance from work to help with reducing the price of undergoing this. I'm not sure when I'll be able to afford it, but hoping someway, somehow, things will work out.