Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 Myths and Misconceptions

5 myths or misconceptions about embouchures! By Wilktone. Great video with some really good points!!!


  1. Thanks for the plug! Have you seen the two-part video on "Embouchure Dysfunction" I've posted on my YouTube channel? Two of the players (the two trombonists) have very similar embouchure characteristics to you and I can say that since I took that video footage that both those players are making good improvements. Depending on the root cause of problems, it certainly is possible for some players to fully recover.

    Good luck!

    Dave Wilken ("Wilktone")

  2. Your welcome! I love your videos and I know they have made an impact on the brass community. I am a huge supporter of expanding a musicians education, and some of the many things us musician's don't get educated on in our schooling is brass performance pedagogy methods, physical injuries/disorder, mechanics, and performance psychology. These are all areas I am so intrigued by and I only hope that future generations receive an even more well-rounded education in these areas of music studies. Until then we have some great people out there like you who help open our eyes to important things we may have never thought about but should!