Thursday, January 16, 2020

Barry Tuckwell - The Greatest Influence of my Life

My greatest influence of all time has passed away today. No one will ever replace this legend. No words can express how saddening this is. I know this sounds odd, but I'm more heart broken over his passing than my recent loss of everything. This man has been all I've ever strived to be as a musician and professional. My north star which led me to my life purpose and calling. Not a day I regret following the path of the horn. It's given me so much....even if I have embouchure dystonia/neurological disorder now. Would do it all over again. From the very first moment I heard him, I loved his sound and knew I wanted to pursue horn playing. Not just in style, but I value his wisdom, professionalism, deep love for horn, and dedication to passing on the overall knowledge and study of the horn; it's repertoire and history. A true scholar. I love love LOVE this man. May heaven make a special place for Barry Tuckwell and his horn. His sound will forever echo in our realm well past this day. 📯💔😢 One of my favorite videos of him.....there's a reason he mastered it better than all of us:

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