Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Dystonia Film about James Wong - Director Julian Stamboulieh, Producer Benjamin Warner

Check this out! Is someone making a film about musician's dystonia (hand dystonia)???? If!!! Can't believe it! What a huge first step in awareness (this has got to be the first film about it ever). <3

Would be cool if someone did one over Robert Schumann since he was the earliest known case of musicians dystonia in history thanks to his detailed journals/writing (Robert Schumann's Focal Dystonia by Dr. Altenmuller: I digress. Wish I could have seen the premiere. <3

Update: Found more information on it. Posted below.

Dystonia is a short film about a violinist named James Wong (played by Kenny Wong) who, while studying at McGill University, is diagnosed with Focal Hand Dystonia: a neurological movement disorder causing the muscles of a player’s hand to involuntarily contract.

Dystonia Film director Julian Stamboulieh and producer Benjamin Warner Interview:

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