Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Embouchure Dystonia: I'm a Survivor

I was driving home yesterday and I heard this song called Survivor by Zach Williams and it brought me to tears.

This song hit close to home and relates to how I cope with living with embouchure dystonia, how I find the strength to keep going and use relapses or any life setbacks as fuel to my fire.

I usually don't share this kind of stuff. Although I am not religious and don't belong to any denomination, I am still spiritual in my own undefined way and I respect everyone's beliefs or lack-there-of. So don't want to be labeled as pushing religion on others.

I just wanted to share something a little more personal and that uplifts me. Don't know if anyone else can relate to it, but felt I should share a daily dose of what inspires me to continue overcoming focal embouchure dystonia.

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