Monday, August 13, 2018

Moving to the very South West Denver area soon!

I'm moving soon! I'll be taking a trip to Washington though to visit family before moving in late October. Danny and I are looking forward to being somewhere more peaceful near the southern foothills, and away from the traffic. We really have been needing to find sanctuary.

Did I mention I got to see my friend/mentor who is a great horn player this summer! Was awesome seeing Thomas and his family again. I've been lucky to see them almost every summer, and their kids seem even more talented and skilled at music year after year. Here's a picture of us all hanging out at the Reihn Haus in LoDo. I thought I would take them there due to their roots in German heritage! I also didn't know Thomas spoke German...which is surprising because I've known him for 9 years now.

Currently I feel happy and a lot less stressed out than I have been in a year thanks to refocusing on finding balance and health. I've already been getting back to activities that I love and have a lot more energy. I've definitely started practicing more on top of working out, which matters to me most!

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