Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick Catchup

I haven't been able to write a blog post for the month of July! I've been so busy!!! With school coming up very fast, I've been working hard to save money for books and rent, and there's been so many events in Boulder this summer. As far as my playing is going, it's good as usual, just taking my time. I'm still having a bit of issues with the right side of my jaw in the far back corner. I've been able to go higher on my horn more consistently, and my lips don't quiver, but instead make air-leaks on some of my lower notes. I've been playing a lot of scales, arpeggios, and a little bit of etudes when I can, but it's only once a week. When school starts I'll be transferring my acupuncture record to CU and will receive it closer to home. The only issue so far is the back of my jaw like I said. There is a slight dull pain, but most of all it just feels stiff and I have to crack it by moving my jaw side-to-side, and then heatpack it for a while and I feel better. I hope I'm not developing TMJ. But it doesn't hurt in the joint, just the bottom far back corner of my jaw every now-and-then. Anywhoo! I'm excited about school and looking forward to being involved in music again!

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