Sunday, December 15, 2019

My Musical Family!

Grateful every Sunday I get to skype with my twin sister Alison and my nephew Nathan for his French horn lessons! Mario (Ally's husband) is usually around too or off teaching private lessons, fulfilling instrument repairs, or preparing for his week teaching at two different schools. Nathan is so lucky to have a talented mama on trumpet helping him practice. In addition, she does all his homeschooling and runs her own photography business (Sweet Dahlia Photography) with Mario too, and both parents are in orchestra and participate in church activities. One busy and highly creative family. Nathan is doing great on horn and just read through his first couple pieces of notated music! I'm so proud of him! I love family and happy we share this bond with music. I'm missing them all so much this holiday (including all my other siblings and relatives far away)! Wish we could play brass chorales or Christmas carols this time of year.📯🎶💕

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